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For express freezing and blending, choose Gel Matic


At Gel Matic, we’ve made our business the supply of express freezing and blending units. Our policy has always been to specialise, and by concentrating on what we do best, we’ve become experts. Our technologies will help you produce outstanding ice cream and gelato products.


User-friendly and reliable


All the machines manufactured by Gel Matic are extensively field-tested, and in countless different environments and situations. We make sure all the components used are reliable, as this maximises the working efficiency of our machines, and hence their productivity. We also design them with care, so that using them is child’s play.



Five lines of machines designed to meet any need, with gravity or pressurizing gear pump production systems (Gravity and Pump lines). The Heat Treatment models minimise the bacterial load, as a result of the heat treatment cycle of the mixture. The BIB line has been conceived to ensure maximum hygiene, thanks to the use of mixtures contained in bag-in-box packages, while the Combi line machines are ideal for the preparation of different flavours of milkshake and soft serve. The Gel Matic range offers countertop and vertical units, serving one or more flavours and with different production capacities, both in the electromechanical version controlled by CKC device, and the electronic configuration with In.Co.Di.S.
Our range makes it really easy for everyone to select the right machine for their production needs and space restrictions, you are always with guaranteed top quality from a company with sustainability at the forefront of its mind.


  • Gravity system with natural air incorporation through the feed tube
  • Any type of mixture can be used
  • User-friendly


  • Pressurising gear pump system, easy to disassemble and clean
  • Accurate overrun control
  • Constant quality of the product

Heat Treatment

  • Heat treatment cycle of the mixture to minimize bacterial load
  • Gravity or pump systems available
  • In.Co.Di.S. with a wide 7’’ touch screen for total control


  • Refrigerated storage cabinet suitable for bag-in-box packages or containers holding the product in its liquid state
  • Quick production and maximum hygiene
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Different products with one machine, up to 4 flavours of milkshake
  • Heat treatment system and extended cleaning intervals
  • Maximum control with In.Co.Di.S.